Слот Fortunes of Ali Baba от Play’n GO

Try your hand at the Fortunes of Ali Baba slot machine to increase your chances of winning cash prizes of up to 20,000 times your stake. This game features four lines, seven reels and 25 pay lines. Special bonus symbols trigger additional rounds: free spins and a unique pick-me game where you can win prizes of up to 150 times your stake.

Review of the game Fortunes Of Ali Baba

 Review of the game Fortunes Of Ali Baba

There are several Ali Baba-themed slot machines available on the platform, including Ali Baba's Luck slot, Ali Baba game, and Ali Baba's Adventures. This time you will have the opportunity to uncover a secret hideout and win a huge jackpot in the Fortunes Of Ali Baba game.

Dive into the game Fortunes of Ali Baba

Trade spices, jewels and daggers for the chance to win big cash prizes in a new online slot based on the tale of Ali Baba. Players will be delighted by the exciting gameplay developed by the experienced professionals from Play'n GO, who have introduced this three-row, five-reel game.

Despite the fact that this topic is no longer new, the Fortunes of Ali Baba slot machine stands out. The developers from Play'n GO have created exciting gameplay with unique bonuses and a round of free spins, which cannot but please players.

Winnings in the game Fortunes of Ali Baba can reach up to 10,000 times the stake, which represents a significant amount, the winnings of which can be a pleasant surprise for someone lucky. There are also many other potential combinations that lead to this great result. This is a truly joyful pleasure, doubled if someone wins even 1000 times more, not to mention larger amounts.

Unique design of Ali Baba Fortune game

Apart from the unique artwork that is well done, the game's artwork is attractive.

Players will be pleasantly surprised by interesting interpretations of common objects such as precious stones, golden amulets, daggers (instead of sabers) and three bowls of spices. This is something new and original for the gaming world.

The masterful developers of Play'n GO have added exciting lighting effects to Ali Baba Fortune slot machines. Each successful combination of winning symbols is accompanied by a purple beam of light piercing the playing field, and the symbols are surrounded by an aura of brightness.

It is not surprising that the musical accompaniment transports players to the atmosphere of the ancient times of the Middle East, giving the game a special mood and authenticity.

Strategy for playing Fortunes of Ali Baba slot

This exciting slot features an original plot, taking players into an exciting world with a hero named Ali Baba. Players have a unique opportunity to win up to 10,000x their bet by spinning the reels by pressing the green Spin button.

Before you start playing, it is important to make sure that your standard bet matches your preferences. Changing the bet size is very simple: use the sliding scale at the bottom of the screen, where the available bet options are displayed.

Selecting the bet size is done using the “+”, “-“ buttons to adjust the bet at a level that is convenient for you. Fortunes of Ali Baba has a wide betting range, with a minimum bet of £0.20 per spin while a maximum of £100.00 from Play'n GO. Regardless of the selected bet amount, it will be distributed across all 20 always active paylines in the game.

For those who like an automated gaming process, there is an autoplay function in the Fortunes of Ali Baba slot. Simply click on the orange button in the lower right corner of the screen to open a menu with settings for automatic spins and the ability to add additional conditions, for example, stopping when the bonus game is activated.

Secrets of winning the Fortunes of Ali Baba slot machine

In payline slot machines, where winning depends on combinations of symbols rather than clusters, players need to match three or more of the same symbols on an active line to win. These symbols must appear on adjacent reels, starting with the first one from the left, and can be placed on any of the 20 paylines available.

The game has a high potential for forming successful combinations, but can also produce “dead spins”. The volatility level in Fortunes of Ali Baba is in the upper part of the average level, which makes it quite a volatile slot machine, although it is not the most famous product from Play'n GO.

The game contains two types of wild symbols that can replace any other symbol, with the exception of the bonus. This is young and old Ali Baba, and perhaps even the main character Nasrudin, it’s impossible to say for sure. They act as wild symbols and can increase your bet by 250x.

Features of bonuses in the Ali Baba Fortune game

 Features of bonuses in the Ali Baba Fortune game

The main round does not provide big cash rewards that can change the course of the game and accelerate the winnings, but the bonuses are an area that is worth focusing on, especially in the Hidden Entourage bonus round.

It is here that participants can go through all five steps and earn significant amounts. The game is activated when the girl symbol appears on the first and fifth reels.

Because you have to take part in the “Choosing a Winner” challenge, where each correct choice (winning) moves to the next level. Having passed the first level, the next win will increase 10 times the initial bet.

At the next two levels, players can receive cash rewards, as well as bonuses in the form of free spins or 40 bandits to interrupt the joy.

At the fourth level you can win prizes up to 100 times the initial bet, bandits or free spins, and at the fifth level it is all about spins or bandits.

Enjoy playing Fortunes of Ali Baba for free

If you're looking for a way to enjoy the gameplay without the risk of losing real money, then you're in luck! This casino can provide a demo version of the Fortunes of Ali Baba game for free online play. Hurry up, because the offer is limited.

Interesting facts about the game Fortunes of Ali Baba

With a chance of winning up to 10,000x your initial bet, two exclusive features and exciting gameplay across 20 paylines, this game is a compelling choice for players. However, it is important to remember that the game is highly volatile and requires balance and patience.

What are the main features of Fortunes of Ali Baba?

Fortunes of Ali Baba is a slot machine with four lines, seven reels and 25 paylines. The game features special bonus symbols that trigger additional rounds, such as free spins and pick-me games.

What is the unique design of Fortunes of Ali Baba?

The game has attractive artwork, unique symbols and exciting lighting effects. The entire design is made in the authentic atmosphere of the ancient East.

What playing strategy is recommended in the Fortunes of Ali Baba slot?

It is recommended to start the game by setting a standard bet, using the autoplay feature and paying attention to the wild symbols. It is also important to manage your bet size within the varied range of the game.

What features of bonus rounds are present in Fortunes of Ali Baba?

The main attraction lies in the "Hidden Entourage" bonus round, where players can complete various levels and earn significant sums. The game also features numerous bonuses, including free spins and the possibility of increasing your winnings significantly.

How to play Fortunes of Ali Baba slot machine to increase your chances of winning?

To increase your chances of winning, it is recommended to collect combinations of symbols on active lines, pay attention to the level of volatility of the game, use wild symbols and take part in the “Hidden Entourage” bonus rounds and others.