Слот Zeus II

Explore the fascinating world of the Zeus II slot machine - a new game from the Alchemy Gaming studio with an exciting plot and stunning graphics that immerse you in the atmosphere of the ancient Greek gods. Get a chance to win up to 5,000x your bet!

Be the first to try your luck with the game Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus! Take advantage of the exclusive bonuses available below and start your adventure now.

Detailed review of the Chronicles Of Olympus II slot - Zeus

Detailed review of the Chronicles Of Olympus II slot - Zeus

Alchemy Gaming presented a new product - the Chronicles of Olympus X UP slot machine in 2021, which immediately won the hearts of gambling connoisseurs. The new version, called Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus, will delight players with improved graphics, as well as an exciting new feature that can extend the enjoyment of the game. Along with the already beloved X UP features, exciting adventures and the possibility of big winnings await you.

The main characters of the slot machine are the gods of Olympus and special symbols such as Wild, Red Scatter, Blue Scatter, X UP, Free Spins and Upsizer. Have fun and win more with the new Chronicles Of Olympus II - Zeus!

The Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot machine from Alchemy Gaming has five spinning reels and offers 1,024 winning combinations. The range of bets is varied: from 0.20 to £50 per spin. To receive a payout, you must match the same symbols on three adjacent reels, starting with the one on the far left.

Follow the path of the X UP symbol to activate free spins on Olympus with increased odds. Collect X UP tokens by landing two red scatter symbols to increase the odds before the feature is activated. During the free spins process, the Upsizer feature can increase the odds even further.

How to play the Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot machine?

How to play the Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot machine?

An exciting adventure awaits you in the game Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus. Before diving into the gameplay, learn the following steps on how and where to play this game.

  • Choose a reliable casino. Find a trusted online casino in the UK that offers Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus. Check out the recommended sites at Slots-Blog.com for a reliable gaming experience.
  • Set your budget. Set a gaming limit to manage your spending responsibly.
  • Understand the basics. The slot machine has five reels and 1,024 ways to win. Bets available from 0.20 to £50. To win, you need to line up identical symbols on three adjacent reels, starting from the left.
  • Explore the functionality. Check out the X UP feature on Olympus for free spins with a multiplier. Collect X UP chips by landing two red Scatter symbols to increase your multiplier.
  • Enjoy the game!

The second part of the game Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus amazes with stunning visual effects. The character symbols have great characteristics that stand out with a divine glow, and the background, supposedly depicting Mount Olympus, is different from the typical Greek mythological slots.

There are no traditional columns present in other Greek mythological slots, replacing them only with a rocky mountain peak, over which the winds blow. The sun shines through the peak, illuminating the sky dotted with small clouds, creating a breathtaking and natural atmosphere.

The paytable showcases the low value symbols 10, J, Q, K and A, paying between 0.8x and 1.2x the stake for five symbols on a line. Higher value symbols include Pegasus and the four gods, led by Zeus. Five high value symbols pay between 1.6x and 4x the bet.

The wild symbol can substitute for any other symbols, with the exception of red or blue Scatter symbols. Each Wild also has a chance to multiply the winnings by 2, 3 or 5 times, and if five Wilds hit the line, the bet is multiplied by 5 times.

Red Scatter symbols pay anywhere, on all reels in the base game and on reels one and five during free spins. The appearance of three, four or five red Scatters awards 2x, 20x or 100x your bet and triggers the Free Spins round.

Blue Scatter symbols, exclusive to reels one and five in the base game, enhance the X Up Trail, which is active during the free spins. These Scatter symbols do not appear during the Free Spins bonus round.

Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot has an industry standard RTP of 96.08%. The maximum winnings are limited to 5,000 times the bet amount. It is characterized by high variation, which means that although wins do not occur as often, they can be noticeably larger in size.

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The main game is incredibly exciting and offers players a chance to win, but the real fun comes from the extra features. In the next section you will find the features available in this game.

Unique features of the X UP game

The amazing world of X UP is waiting for you! Play the exciting X UP slot machine and enjoy increased wins of up to 25x your stake during free spins. Embark on an exciting journey along a nine-step trail. Collect 1X UP tokens - one, two or three at a time - and watch the changes.

To activate the X UP feature, you just need to collect two red Scatter symbols. Also, when two blue Scatter symbols appear, your multiplier increases and turns the position blue forever. And if both blue Scatter symbols appear when the entire X UP path turns blue, your winnings can increase by up to a whopping 25x! Don't miss your chance to win big with X UP!

Unique spins

To trigger a series of eight spins, you need to collect at least three different-colored scatter symbols on the reels. When this feature is activated, landing two of these symbols adds two more free spins to your existing spins and awards an X UP token. The X UP Trail multiplier system increases prizes in all combinations, and the round ends once all spins have ended or a win of 5,000 bets has been reached.

Increasing volume: new opportunities

Trigger increased free spins odds at a variable price. As more X UP tokens accumulate, costs become lower, allowing for strategic flexibility as the number of tokens increases. Please note that this feature is not available in all regions, so please make sure it is available before playing.

The thirst for new experiences and excitement will lead you to the gates of Kronos Casino, where exciting adventures await you at the top of Olympus! The exciting Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot machine is available to everyone at various popular online casinos, including this one.

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Security when playing in online casinos is the key to protecting your personal data and guaranteeing reliable gameplay. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of the ancient gods with Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus and embark on a robust gaming journey full of excitement and excitement. Here are some great places where you can enjoy this exciting game.

Embark on an exciting adventure with the Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot machine at any time! This slot machine is compatible with all current mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy the excitement of Zeus and the Olympian gods on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you're using Android or iOS, you can experience the excitement and spin the reels for epic wins along the way!

"Zeus - Chronicles of Olympus II" show and free game "Zeus - Chronicles of Olympus II"

Are you going to try out Zeus - Chronicles of Olympus II? Then start with a risk-free demo version of the game! It's like a training session where you can practice the game without using real money.

If you are ready for a new experience, pay attention to the possibility of free play at some online casinos. There are often no deposit promotions or free spins on offer, each of which come with great perks.

This way you can win real prizes without spending your personal funds. It's all about stress-free fun. For those new to the world of slot machines or experienced players who want to relax, these options will help you enjoy the game without risking your finances.

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Story of Olympus II - Zeus captivated my attention with its gameplay and unique features. A visit to the great Mount Olympus to meet the powerful ancient Greek god Zeus and his divine companions is always a pleasure.

This slot machine stands out among other games based on Greek mythology. He presents original images, moving away from typical landscapes to create a more natural setting.

The game mechanics of X UP Trail add excitement, especially with a potential 25x win increase during free spins. Walking down a path of red Scatter symbols fuels the passion, promising bigger prizes as you move forward.

Although triggering the free spins may start with small payouts, the game's visual impact and exciting features make it an attractive choice. This is especially true for mythology lovers who want to spend quality time playing the exciting gameplay on this slot machine.

What are the main features of the Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot machine?

The main features of the Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot machine include improved graphics, a variety of symbols such as Wild, Red Scatter, Blue Scatter, X UP, and the possibility of winning up to 5,000 times your bet.

How many winning combinations does the Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot machine offer?

The Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot machine has 1,024 winning combinations, offering a wide range of possibilities for successful symbol combinations.

How to activate free spins in Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus?

To activate the free spins on Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus, you must collect X UP tokens by landing two red scatter symbols to increase the odds before the free spins feature is activated.

What is the maximum win height in Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus?

The maximum win on Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus is capped at 5,000x your bet, creating the potential for big wins.

What is the return to player percentage (RTP) in the Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot machine?

Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot machine has a return to player percentage (RTP) of 96.08%, which meets industry standards and sets high expectations for the game.